Rony Corcos

Original Music

Rony Corcos, Israeli singer-song writer and guitarist, performs her original songs for over 3 years. Her music is a combination of Rock, Folk, Soul and Ethnic with emotional honest lyrics. Her songs, unique sound, rare voice and soulful guitar playing were reviewed and praised in magazines around the world, and named one of the five best vocalist on Singer-universe website. Rony released an EP called Moments Of Clarity (2008) and a single called Damaged Goods (2010). In May 2010 Rony left her home country Israel to tour London for 3 months, where she had 25 shows. . Rony signed a contract distributing her music to TV shows and movies with Hella good records. These days, she lives in New York were she was selected to perform in the "Meany" Festival (crash mansions) and had performances at venues like the BB King's and Tarrytown Music Hall.