The Groggers

Jewish Punk Rock Band

The Groggers are a Jewish pop-punk band with a comic twist. Based out of NYC, the band formed in early 2010 when singer/songwriter L.E. Staiman recruited musicians Ari Friedman and Chemy Soibelman for a spontaneous music video shoot of his original punk anthem called "GET". The video, which covered the issue of withholding a Jewish divorce, became an instant success on YouTube and garnered the attention of several prominent bloggers and websites, specifically ones that dealt with this sensitive issue. It didn't take long for the realization to set in that a hit song and music video was circulating the Internet for what was at the time a totally fictitious band. The only logical thing to do was immediately begin intense rehearsals and writing sessions-which is exactly what The Groggers did. With songs like "Mitzvah Night" and "Malka Jihad" (a tune about the downside of falling for a 'Neturei Carta' girl) the band is quickly establishing itself as a wholly original band with the musical chops and high energy live shows to back it up. In only a few short months, the band has already played with some of the biggest names in the modern Jewish music scene, such as Yosi Piamenta, Rav Shmuel, Soulfarm and Moshav, and played some of New York's most renowned underground venues such as Sullivan Hall, Canal Room and of course Highline Ballroom. Following the Success of their first video, The Groggers released their second video "EIshes Chayil" in November of 2010. The video featured Jewish music legend Rav Shmuel and was well received by critics and fans alike. The band is currently in the studio recording tracks for their upcoming album "There's No "I" in Cherem" and is planning a CD release and U.S. tour for 2011.